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Arenas work very well for 4v4 because the scope of the playing area is small. I don't see 4v4 working in any of the current maps which are pretty "yuge."

However I love your idea of alliance forces going up against each other in a war game. Re use some of Aygo's voice overs since he is already involved with GSF and the alliance, and Adm Ranken may or may not survive depending on your choices. This would be a good opportunity to add a new game mode or map or both.

That being said, if GSF combat has to stay pub v imp, the iokath system makes the most sense for a new map, barring any knowledge about what is taking place in the Umbara system come 5.4. According to codex entries, the Builders mined the other planets and asteroids in the system to collect the resources to build the Dyson sphere, so there's probably lots of debris for LoS for a TDM match. That would give us three DOM and three TDM maps.
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