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06.22.2017 , 03:50 PM | #1
With the new attention to GSF I feel it is a good time to bring up which I am sure are very old points but worth repeating...

New Map -- it can be an existing map with new objectives or a new map with old objectives anything would be welcome at this point.

Shorter Queue -- You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make a 4v4 Map helping out servers with long wait times by adding the 4v4 aspect and creating a new map (which could be a DOM map used for TDM) If it is possible to set in a timer after so long without a pop it creates a 4v4

Alliance Queue -- I am not sure about everyone else but I would have no problems with mixing Imp/Pub queues much like you did with warzones I thought that was a great idea it helps balance out the 2 sides.

New rewards -- Nothing crazy here but something else to trade Fleet Commendations for would be great a couple of pilot decorations Imp/pub models from the pilot armor would work. New rewards help attract new players and even bring back some older casual players. Galactic command has helped this aspect a lot but more incentive never hurts and this is incentive for ftp/pref still as well.

Strike boosts -- I am sure almost everyone would be open to a boost to strike fighters it does not have to be components maybe a boost to health or engines or whatever.

Purple republic paint jobs -- ok this is me being a bit selfish but come on guys!! lol

Lets hear any other ideas people may have, I think GSF is a unique part of the game that will always help retain a certain player base to SWTOR and attention should be given to it.