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06.18.2017 , 07:41 AM | #82
Met a nice team in Korriban Incursion today - level 18 dps guardian, level 50 dps vanguard, level 38 tank guardian (and me on my max level sentinel).

Very polite, patient, and a joy to smite with. I think the level 18 was new to the flashpoint, though we got a little confused on that so the guardian and I were trying to explain things.
Even when we wiped against Renning there were no recriminations, just advice. Destroyed him on the second attempt. Tore through the droid boss without any deaths (which is rare in my experience - someone nearly always karks it in that fight). Made it to Soverous without any issues and smote him first time

So, yeah, very nice group. Not the smoothest run ever, but still good fun