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Galactic Starfighter Records (5.2.2+) v1.0
(Last Updated: 06/16/17)

Greetings. I'm plasticx, and I'm your new GSF recordkeeper. I was a GSF pilot and streamer from 2014 to 2016, and am currently a technical assistant with Despon's "GSF School" YouTube channel, as well as moderator of the GSF Community Discord Server. I'll be handling single-game record submissions starting from patch 5.2.2 (released 13 June 2017) on out.

This new version of the single-game GSF Records thread has undergone some changes, so before submitting a record, I highly suggest (i.e. require) you read this OP in its entirety, taking special note of the "Rules & Changes" section.

For previous single-game record threads, head here:
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For the currently running overall stats (100 game, 1000 game, etc.) thread, check here:
Galactic Starfighter Stats Records (by Drakolich)


Now, for the changes to the thread itself....

For this new version of the records thread, we'll be running things a bit differently. In addition to the normal "Top 5" spoiler-boxed entries you'll find here on the thread, we'll have an open Google Sheet running with a larger entry set, and more record categories. Initially, as records are submitted, they will be added to both the thread and the Sheet.

For the forum entries, things remain mostly as they were: one entry per person per category. If you have a record that bests an old record of yours, the older entry gets booted off the forums, replaced with the newer entry. For the Google Sheet, however, both records can stay. Depending on frequency of entries, we’ll try to shoot for a top 20 or 25 per record.

Rules & Changes:

For cases of records on alts, put your main name first, followed by your alt name in parentheses.

<Main Character (Alt Name)> - <Ship Name*> - <Guild Name*> - <Server Name> - <Record you want entered with screenshot/video link**>

*=if applicable
**=if a multi-game video link, please provide a rough timestamp of the scoreboard appearance

Example: Mahoney - SGS-45 Quarrel - Invictus - T3-M4 - 175,312 damage

Do NOT include multiple records on the same line.

Example of what NOT to do:
Mahoney - SGS-45 Quarrel - Invictus - T3-M4 - 175,312 damage, 15 Solo Kills

Correct example:
Mahoney - SGS-45 Quarrel - Invictus - T3-M4 - 175,312 damage
Mahoney - SGS-45 Quarrel - Invictus - T3-M4 - 15 Solo Kills

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