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Shout out to a guy who tanked DF in a random group I got from the Group Finder today. I was really worried at first, he came in as a "tank" wearing DPS gear, charged forward without regard to anyone or anything at the beginning...when the other tank got flattened by Nefla, I could feel a headache coming on...but it turned out that despite the immediately dubious look of his gear choices, our crazy tank was also a crazy good tank, and as he steamrolled his way through the Fortress without stopping to wait (no, actually, he did stop to state "Gotta go fast" in the Ops chat and do a Ready Check, once, right before Corruptor Zero, since half the team was still looting Grob'thok), and we steamrolled right behind him.

Now, maybe DF has just been really nerfed (I don't think I've run it since 4.0, to be honest), but my memories are all of that Operation being a real bear, and I'm still kind of in awe of this guy.
Actually tank wearing dps mods and enhancements is the only way to go. Defensive mods are utter garbage in this game. I get worried even more when I see a tank in Def mods.... much rather have a tank that can chip in with dps then sitting around hitting like a wet noodle. What you probably witnessed was him having a shield off hand equipped to help trigger shield chance and he used his DCDs properly, that all is that is needed in any SM or FP's to tank efficiently. Unless your absolutely new to tanking, I wouldn't recommend tanks mods since the dps hit is pretty significant, more raid dps is actually what contributes to smoother runs (and know mechanics, of course). (hard mode is different, tank enhancements are more desired, but even then running DPS mods with high endurance is still better then defense mods)
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