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Keep in mind that your observations are your own. Please refrain from posting your opinion and presenting it as fact.

Also, you don't speak for me, so please refrain from saying things like "we the players". It would be better and more truthful instead if you were to simply represent yourself and anyone who has given you direct permission to speak for them. You are not my spokesperson.
Telekinetics/Lightning underperforming isn't exactly an "opinion" issue. They are among the lowest parsing specs I believe, and parses aren't a matter of opinion. They also have significantly weaker kiting and defensive ability than their tankier counterparts Arsenal/Gunnery and their "burst" literally hits for less than some classes' gap filler attacks do. That's actually a fact, a Sentinel's Blade Rush outside a Precision window hits harder than all of a sages attacks except a Turbulence autocrit.

So no, Telekinetics/Lightning is FACTUALLY underperforming, and the person you're replying to is in fact the spokesperson for everyone when they say that we want all classes to at least be viable enough for all content in the game.
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