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The new producer does as per his letter on 4/13

A Note from the Producer

"Iíve been with BioWare/EA and SWTOR for the past six years, where Iíve held a variety of positions, and have always been a very active player with nearly 10,000 hours of gameplay, 28 plus characters and tons of achievements. I love playing the game and participating in all different types of gameplay, with PvP being one of my favorite activities. So, when you have frustrations with the game, Iím likely having the exact same concerns."
That was reassuring to read at that time. I'm not sure how much I believe that at this time. Anyone who's been playing any group content for the last 6 months knows that Telekinesis/Lightning and Sharpshooter/Marksman Disciplines are at the bottom of the DPS charts. This is true according to

- Theory Crafters
- parses and analysis
- experiential information from PvE and PvP

Anyone who goes along with the idea that these Disciplines are in an "OK Place" is seriously misinformed and unwilling to remedy that. To be fair, the "OK Place" quote is from Eric Musco but I'd expect a Lead Producer with 10,000 hours of play time to step in and define what exactly "OK Place" means. I'd also expect the priorities to be set such that the most glaring imbalances are fixed first. The most glaring imbalances today are

- DPS of Telekinesis/Lightning and Sharpshooter/Marksman (PvE and PvP)

- Survivability of Telekinesis/Lightning (PvP)

These don't get fixed first in the July class balance, there is no reason for me to trust anything I've read so far; after all, none of the promises so far have been delivered on and the first one to be tackled is seriously disappointing in the lack of judgment it demonstrates.
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