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Don't know if you heard, but there's a new sheriff in town . . . now if he can undo the mess that is 5.0 and beyond it yet to be seen.
Yeah, I've heard and am very excited about the news! just see things or experience them in game and really have to wonder. But I think if we as players can understand what Bioware's goals/intentions are there can be a greater cohesive effort in improvement.

For instance, I imagine one goal is more subscriptions. With all the fans of SWTOR, mmos, and star wars in general that's certainly feasible. There's also probably a quota for cm sales they'd like to meet. In my curiosity I asked the question because by playing the game, they can see exactly what would sell really well on the cartel market and possibly which features could bring in more subscribers. I also wonder if they look at gtn sales and track them? Or do they track analytics for completion rates of different content? I hope they do, but if they are...when will any knowledge/revelations gleaned be implemented? And these are just rhetorical questions to show where I'm coming from with the original post.