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12.30.2011 , 06:22 AM | #1
Just from the ones I have tried.

Foundry: HK-47, clicking the 4 boxes does not work. HK still gets the one shot damage buff making it impossible. Also if you kite him away from the zone, and he goes into the box phase, he will die instantly and disappear. (Only way we could get pass with the bug happening)

Foundry: Revan, not sure if it is a bug, but 24k damage a tick on force lightning is retarded. I could see you beating it with insanely geared DPS but as a non Raid instance. It is retarded strong and hardly anyone will ever beat it.

Boarding Party: Chests were not lootable one night, but it worked the next day.

Just stating this and wondering if anyone else has come across it. Found some forums but I want a bigger opinion on the facts.

Other than a few massive bugs SW:TOR brings. It is a fantastic and possibly the best MMO so far at launch. Fix the bugs and it takes #1.