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12.30.2011 , 05:44 AM | #1
Hey guys,

I've made some video guides on some of the harder bosses in Battle for Illum, The False Emperor and Directive 7. No full runs of the instance, just short and to the point fights of a specific boss.

Battle for Illum - Krel Thak

Battle for Illum - Darth Serevin

Foundry - HK-47

Foundry - Revan

The False Emperor - HK-47

The False Emperor - Darth Malgus

Directive 7 - Replicator

Directive 7 - Interrogator

Directive 7 - Bulwark

Directive 7 - Mentor

I will update this post with the videos when they have been uploaded. Hope you like them. And let me know what you think .