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12.30.2011 , 04:34 AM | #15
We are a semihardcore guild and i regret my guild didn't start raids in this game 1 week earlier actually. Hutts hospitality was faceroll gear-wise.... when we got it we tried to get through EV too but the first boss was bugged :3 after we destroyed the turrets the boss wouldnt appear

At first we thought that we need good items to get through but imo... we got through with pvp + for corellia commendation items + some columni / tionese thingies. Maybe some of us even had items for level 43? The only problem we had was DPS but that is understandable to a point when you lack stats. We killed the boss just in time, when he enraged he was like 1%

And i suspect every raid in normal mode must be 2 man healed. The problem is that most guilds out there lack information on raiding regarding this game.