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Alright, apart from all the rotation and stuff, here's how threat works:
For dps 1 point of damage equals 1 point of threat on the enemy they're hitting.
For heals 1 point of effective healing(meaning healing that actually restores lost health) equals 0.45 points of threat divided to all enemies you are in combat with.
For tanks it gets a bit more complicated. In general, 1 point of damage quals 2 points of threat on the enemy they're hitting, due to the +100% threat from your tank stance. But certain abilities like hilt bash/backhand have an even higher threat multiplier. Overall for tanks dps equals roughly 2.5-3x tps(threat per second).

In order to pull aggro, one must obtain 110% or 130% of the highest threat, depending on range to the target, where 110% is in melee range and 130% is beyond that.
But note that this range is not the range indicated ingame(which is measured from the edge of a targets hitbox), but the range measured from the center of a targets hitbox. In practice, due to rather big hitboxes on most targets, this means for threat and aggro, you're almost always considered beyond meleerange and need 130% to rip aggro.
And this is also how a taunt works. In addition to forcing the target to attack you for 6 seconds, it sets your threat to 110 or 130% of the highest threat. Which is the reason you can loose threat after a taunt runs off, if someone build 110/130% or more threat than you during the taunt.

So as an example, you pull a mob with charge as a jugg tank, which deals 100 damage. You now have 200 threat on this mob. The sniper in your group is hitting the mob at the same time with an ambush for 10k. He now has 10k threat and therefore pulls aggro. You now taunt, which sets your threat to 13k threat(130% of the ambush). Sniper follows up with a series of shots that hits the target for 2.5k per hit 4 times. He now has 20k threat(10k ambush, 4x2.5k SoS) which is more than 130% so he pulls aggro again as soon as your taunt runs off. And so on.
And this is the reason you never pull with a taunt, because 0 threat times 1.3 equals 0. Pull, let a dps rip threat of you, then taunt. And if it isn't needed for tank swaps or the like, fluff taunt all you like.

It's not uncommon for a tank to build up several million or even billion threat over the course of a boss fight due to regular taunts. Which basically also means you can go afk after a while if the boss doesn't has an aggro drop mechanic