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Normal mode flashpoints and eternity vault are really really easy, and of the hardmodes that work, there are no challenges to be found there either, i havent done nightmare mode EV, so i am asking, is any content out there actually difficult or are we supposed to be able to clear everything with just blues and 2 or 3 attempts?

Clearing eternity vault with a raid of just turned 50s is something i did not expect, i am afraid that a game ive been looking forward to for so long and really enjoying will be cleared completely in a matter of weeks, not months.

I remember the first time i did molten core and blackrock spire in vanilla wow, even that took at least a month or two to be cleared.

Dont get me wrong, i love the idea of being able to pug operations and hardmodes, but i still believe they should be at the very least, hard, anyone other guilds find any encounters they found to be genuinely difficult as a guild?
if anything seems too easy, do it with less players, unless you can solo the hardest operation ingame, dont complain
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