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Hate to burst your bubble but you can pick up more dailies. I'm assuming you just need to finish the dailies you picked up first. Already completed 8 for the day.
Well excuse me if I dont have willpower to grind 600 shards to complete Walker quest on the first day.. I killed a lot of completely unnessesary stuff while looking for targets to scan and I barely reached 300 shards..

Edited: It turns out quests do change. but the exact moment is a mystery.

I did all quests that were available yesterday, except for Walker one and Tyth one. No new quest appear.

I came back today 30 min before daily reset and found 3 new quests. *** Bioware? I was able to do 2 of them before reset, and after reset they were available again (but only 2 of them)

So yea you can pick up new quest, you just need to figure out when....
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