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Its for daily quest. Since quests appear to be rotating each day, and there was no quest for Colossus droid today you shoudn't have done it.
Hate to burst your bubble but you can pick up more dailies. I'm assuming you just need to finish the dailies you picked up first. Already completed 8 for the day.

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So what's up with that colossus droid? It's big, it's ugly and it has 8 million health.

We just 10-manned it and there wasn't even an achievement. Is there a quest for it? What is its purpose?
I am working on a daily called Colossal Threat. This daily wants you to kill a colossus droid. What I think we are suppose to do is go to the Assault Walker Access Terminal, purchase use of a walker, and take out a colossus droid with the walker. When you are in the walker you start with 10 million HP. I am not sure cause trying to find a colossus droid is proving to be impossible.