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I was pugged into a guild group for 8 man Eternity vault on nightmare mode. We one shot 4/5 so easily. It's basically a loot farm. WOW normal modes are 100 times harder and that's not saying much.

Last boss we wiped 2 times and they wanted to try with a third healer so I was sit out for a guildy healer (i was a dps), and at this moment they are attempting him.

So far every boss is so easy. I can't comment on last one really as I only got 2 attempts on it and from what I experienced it was still easy. This is so dissapointing.

I do not mind at all if normal mode is easy. I'm fine with that. Nightmare should really be a nightmare. Not me standing still on 4th boss pressing 1 button (explosive round) and then 1 other button (gravround)... that's it. I literally pressed these buttons maybe 20 times combined on nightmare mode.

The other boss where everyone fights their own person was also a joke. They hit you for like 1% of your health. And you just stand still spamming your dps rotation. We didn't even come close to the enrage. I'm sitting in T1 PVP gear and some blues.

This is not nightmare mode.
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