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Played about 10, one particular match I was stunned 3 times in a row, resolve full, rooted, stunned again while resolve still running down, grappled immediately after...still with resolve, rooted, resolve empty, knocked back, mezzed, stunned, resolve full, stunned again, THEN it finally stops something.

Yes I realize rooting has no immunity.

Ironically this happened on my newest sage. I dunno how I lived as long as I did, I'm guessing because the 3 of them spent half of their time spamming CC on me, I counter CC'd best i could, and used a PVP heal charge.

Reason I was alone was I was last in the pack headed to the right gun turret . They initially CC'd me right at the dividing wall heading right and I made it within inches of the sprint power-up despite all that CC.

Still, that's alot of CC within a short amount of time for resolve to kick in ONCE at the end of it. Though honestly had they not been derps they woulda just smoked me on the spot instead of spamming CC at me. I guess it's that ingrained.

Resolve DOESN'T work. I've had my resolve bar full and still been CC'd in an 8 second stun from a Gunslinger etc.

Further to that, even when resolve does fill and do nothing, it cools down so quick that it doesn't impact a CC only 4 or 5 seconds later.