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I've even played a few mids on my GS and the quality of imps isn't very good. Plus if they are losing or it's a tough match they rage quite.
My experience on the imp side mids agrees with this. I have an operative there in mids, and it's just SO frustrating. It's like "we" need, not a PvP 101, but a PvP 001. Hey, guess what, you can't stop someone taking a turret in NC when you are fighting them 100 YARDS FROM THE BUNKER. When you are down 150 points in an AHG calling out "run orbs" is not going to help you. If you run up "mid" in VS to fight them where they spawn, they will stealth around you and plant a bomb.

And yes, the rage quit or giving up is pathetic. One thing goes wrong, at all, and 2 people quit, and 3 more go and sit somewhere for defender medals, or just to wait the match out. Makes me cry.

Pub side 70's I've been having amazingly great games for the past week. Imp side mids though... ugh.
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