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Reps are on a roll in Harby lowbies at the moment. I've kept the white acute module active while I'm relearning saboteur before I jump on my lvl 65 GS, so I've been in lowbies for the last few days. I've not lost one match against imps.
I know it's lowbies and isn't an indicator of real skill, but if the quality of reps vs imps coming through is any indication, there are some terrible imps progressing and some half decent reps coming through
I've even played a few mids on my GS and the quality of imps isn't very good. Plus if they are losing or it's a tough match they rage quite.
Because there are so few reps, the pop often slows down for reps, so I have to jump on my sniper for some Imp v Imp. Imps rage quit constantly, yell at each other, don't listen to advice and my pet hate at the moment, mark the whole damn team. It's like playing with a bunch of spoilt children who chuck a tantrum if they are losing or it's too hard. God for bid they have some competition and actually need to learn to play. Imps have always had a little attitude and it has never phased me, but it's heaps worse now and it seems they are becoming worse players because of it. They refuse to learn, give up if it's hard, really abuse people trying to help (worse than normal), don't listen to experienced players because they already think they are the experienced players after 2 weeks of playing Pvp. At this rate the reps will start to dominatate all reg lvls of pvp because old school imps are either leaving the game, only playing ranked arena or have rolled reps because they are sick of the new pvp player know it alls. You only need to have a look at the thread I started in the gen section about them marking every damn dps/tank and not just healers, to see the bad attitude these people have.
Most reps stick around even if they are losing because there are so few of them and when you wait 3-4 times longer for a pop, rage quitting to requeue with different people isn't really an option. Reps also try, they may not always be that good at pure combat, but they are heaps better at objectives, tactics and team work.
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