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On Harb, the whole server has adhered to the rule of "if u cant beat em, join em' So I have no idea why you imps feel so special coming in here and talking down to the pubs - btw i doubt they read the forums - the ones that do, rerolled imp lol
Sincerely, I'm amazed half the pub players in queue actually figured out how to queue in the first place. Why would any pvp-orientated player queue for pubs on harb? Outside a few hours of the day you're waiting a longer time for pops, and when you get one you're team is filled with mongs. Yesterday was the final straw for me; in a NC, a mando and a scoundrel dps sitting in the shelter for the entire game face tanking, not using any dcd whatsoever...scoundrel wouldn't roll, mando wouldn't use shield...nothing...try healing that kind of genius. Come to end of the game, no surprise to find both well below 1k dps, at level 70. I want competitive games, I don't want to pay $15 a month to bang my head against a wall. At least on imps you'll get competitive games, as in my experience it's imp vs imp 90% of the time.
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