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03.25.2017 , 04:09 PM | #19
Biggest issue Ive seen is a natural result of the population difference: there are days where it feels like there is just no healers republic side outside of guild run groups. When the population is 3x bigger on one faction, its easy to take for granted that there is a more robust population classes and roles pugging, Ive gone entire days republic side with almost no healers in group vs enemies that reliably have at least 1-2 which will obviously create the illusion that imperials are better because one side simply cannot win a war of attrition.

So, then you feel the general morale creak and the tone become "pubs suck at pvp" when in fact the skill levels arent that different, and number of doorknobs who suck are about the same too..its just one side is far more likely to have all 3 legs of the trinity roles accounted for more consistently, so the matches are over before they even start.