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Game 3 a huttball. Both sides actually playing huttball! The ball is traveling all over the map as both sides get close to scoring and are denied over and over! They eventually go up first, 1 to nothing. We tie it up with a minute and 40 seconds to go. Then, at 50 seconds, we score the go ahead goal! They get the ball and make a push for a score to tie it back up, but we manage to stop them, and we end the game! Win #3.

Three great pub wins because we didn't give up at the first sign of a difficult match. Who knew that could happen!
Best huttballs game I've seen are healer less with good dps on each side. Really have to work the pass there.

And all in the original huttball map. Queshball can go die in a hole as far as I'm concerned.

But I have to say, on JC, pubs are REALLY good at huttball. Like they probably all woop for joy when they see it. The best ball carriers I've seen are all pubs, and pound for pound, I'd say they have the best healers in average as well, all sages tough. Haven't seen a scoundrel or commando healer that was better than their imp player counterpart. We do have our pretty awesome heals too tough.

Hard to see with the rankings tough, never see pubs in ranked.