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first, it varies by servers a lot, there are some where pubs beat others in pvp.

2nd, it varies with time of the day. On JC there are times where the pubs have a few very good healers and tanks queuing that make some game darn difficult to win. There's also a couple decent dps that queue with them now and then.

3rd - Depends on game mode. Arenas, yah they tend to be bad, safe if you hit one of those premade. But even then, you never see them in ranked, and if they hit the average imp premade, they're toast. On my server they are damn strong in huttball tough.

I have no idea what server you are from, maybe Harb, but I can tell you on JC the main issue with pubs is it seems they have very little good pvp dpser in their ranks. Their best players are all healers and tanks, at best skanks. And the skanks far outdps the average actual dps. Slinger that think they are merc and run out of cover all the time (and get stunned and killed) mandos that pop their reflect as soon as a single shot is headed their way at the start of a fight (or even worse, actually get globalled at the start of a WZ without using it), guardian dps who seem to ignore that between each force push they religiously hit on cooldown they have some pretty neat dps moves (slight exageration there, but not TOTALLY devoid of truth).

The average pub player is just....I have no idea why. Vicious circle? good players prefer pvping on their imp toon because otherwise its just painful?

I mean don't get me wrong, imp side has its terrible deadweight too, but the average imp even if I don't recognize the name, does decently, and really not as terrible as your average pub. I mean there are things I kinda wonder if the guy played his class at all before coming into the warzone. Given that most I see lately are Slingers and mandos, I guess they are FOTM roller that think they'll automatically win by using the "OP class".

Its a vicious circle really. If pub would win more, probably some good players would queue more, but even good players tire of carrying 7 lumps of pixel that aren't doing anything around. And the more they get tired of it, the less they queue, and the more the average pub team is bad.

Someone whispered me after a wz complaining about a pub guild that always queue premade. My answer was straightforward : I don't blame them. Hell if I was pvping from the pub side, I'd make sure to always at least bring 3 somewhat competent player with me.
Ya. I don't get it either. I don't play pub so at best i can speculate. I play in the mornings on JC. And the pub side has one guild on all morning. And they stink. They usually rock like all heals an tanks. Literally takes their whole guild to kill anyone. It's sad. They're ok at huttball but still fail against decent premades. I swear ive kited their knights to death 100 times over each. And they always come back for more. And their tactics remain the same.
As far as ranked goes its typically the same guild. Their dps is weak and they usually have a sage that gets nuked. When pub side starts winning ranked it imps q synching on the other side. Technically its not synching since they're the only 4 pubs queing. But they're q synching imp side till they drum up enough interest then they swap.
So i wonder if its a leadership , community, or just the culture on JC pub side. Ive always heard on our server that pubs focus pve. That usually doesn't translate well to pvp. It seems like their best chance at "winning" is to que all tanks an heals to make the matches insufferable.