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03.23.2017 , 10:59 PM | #1
Time after time, we start a match and I try to convey strategy in chat beforehand, "CC heals...go after sniper", "Get the mara, he's weak" and no one replies, sure enough I'll CC heals and someone attacks heals, or I wind up using target of target off a group member to see he's gone after a merc 1rst....and then wind up DPSing a merc while a sniper or Sorc's dropping AOE's on us, or a Mara's ripping one of us to shreds.

Granted, Bioware see's fit to let ridiculously imbalanced groups queue, like 1 DPS & 2 tanks against 3 DPS with a healer, but still, I see far too many pub side losses as a result of not at least reading chat & communicating.