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12.30.2011 , 01:38 AM | #5
Not sure if serious?

Today we went with a few friends and decided let's go try hard modes as lvl 50 normal flashpoints are useless in therms of gearing up. (better gear from quests / ilum-belsavis dailies / pvp)

We manhandled everything but the last boss of foundry who mysteriously killed us all repeatedly at around the 37% hp mark. We then found out the fight is bugged and should never have been released in it's current state so technically it isn't our fail. We decided not to waste time and skipped that one.

None of us were ''geared'' by any means other than the bits and pieces we grabbed from questing and pvp.

If anything hard modes are currently way undertuned and needs buffing and/or more complex mechanics... We did not know any tactics and just went on with it, turns out we whiped a couple times on boarding party's final boss then adjusted our strategy and killed it aswell, to be honest we were relieved to die as finally one boss requiered us to think a little and adjust rather than just pew pew.

My 2 cents.

edit: forgot to mention it was a pug group from people we met there and there during last few days and we did not have any sort of voice chat. Wich technically a group of friends who played togheter for a while and with access to voice chat would turn every single hm but foundry last boss (due to bug) into a complete loot pinata.