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Alright, another 5 tries, and about 25K more in repairs, still nothing. Nothing says fast paced action like playing ring around the rosie with a sith emperor. Waiting for my med pack to get off cooldown. I got him past his third wave of clones, but the second he catches eye with me, he strikes me with lightning, slows me down, catches up, and continues to throw stuff at me and I die. The end.

A friend in my guild is at level 47 right now, hopefully tomorrow they will be able to help me out. I dont' even know what the best gear to get is, since nobody does flashpoints on my server, not at that level anyway. I won't see many at my level for at least another 2 weeks. So much for believing I was ahead of the game.

I know I might not know the game well, I never played beta, but this guy is just... rrrrrrrr... I've been trying all day since yesterday, I was at 1,100,000 credits or so, and now I'm down to 800k with repairs, buying stims, and upgrading my T7 unit. I swear to god I'm turning him into a trashbin when I'm done with this thing. I have never hated a companion more in any game then this little bugger.
Agreed with the T7 companion ********! Mine was wearing the lvl 9 **** from tython. I got one epic drop for him from a mob but I spend hours killing what I could, respawning and just running past mobs to get to the "checkpoints"
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