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I too wish a little more of a explaination of the impact of the KOTOR 2 events, but seeing as how most of the story was of small scale civil wars or other wise completly covert missions I see why the galaxy as whole is mostly unaware of it. In reality other than Katarr, Peragus, and Telos IV the Republic wasn't directly involed with any other event, while the other events like Onderon and Dantooine were handled internally by their own goverments. The Sith Lords themselves weren't known to all but a few people who (outside of the exiles companions) ended up dead. It wasn't a large scale galatic war as in KOTOR 1, but a shadow war fought behide the scenes as the republic was tring to rebuild. My hope is that the developers are holding back some anwsers for the players to discover on their own.
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