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12.29.2011 , 11:33 PM | #42
Champion gear not working in PvE is ********. Me and my mates have 1-2 Columni and the rest is pvp gear and we have cleared every HM flashpoint so far. It just a question about your setup, your skills or your approach to the fight.

For example the hardest enrage timer we have had so far is The Bulwark in Directive 7. Even when we down the shield within 1 second and kill the repair bots all 4 of us, and ignore the last 2 he still Enrages at 60k hp-ish. Out of 300/400k, cant remember. The biggest problem we face is our **** setup.

Sage healer, Guardian tank, Sentinel DPS and Shadow DPS. So 2 buffs and 3 melee. If we can do it so can other people in PvP gear.