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I saw so many threads in the forums about the codex entries missing on each planet so i thought i would try to make an Complete list. Feal free to post if you know how to get an entry listed here, or knows additional ones.(i will check them first). I will update the thread as i explore more planets.

The entries listed here are the ones most likely to be missing according to known databases like torhead or swtor spy. If you find out that they have been replaced with other ones feel free to post.

Thxs to the contibutors: vashXIII, dragonrune, Borgath, Hottentott


1 Title
  • Imperial Scholar

1 Location
  • Sith Academy

3 Species
  • Sith Pureblood (Bountyhunter and IA: Quest reward for Purity)
  • Abyssin (Bountyhunter and IA: Quest reward for Creeping Hunger)
  • Dashade(as Sith Warior,bounty hunter and IA)

2 Lore:
  • The Red Engine (Bountyhunter and IA: inside quest area for The Hate Machine)
  • Sith Weapons (Bountyhunter and IA: class quest for SI A Map for the Future and SW The Final Trial)


2 Persons
  • Nem'ro (unable to attain for Sith)
  • The Red Blade(Imperial Agent)

2 Species
  • Evocii (unable to attain as Sith)
  • Ugnaught (unable to attain for Sith)

Dromund Kaas:

3 Lore:
  • Lord Parnax’s Lost Recordings
  • The Blade of the Sith Executioner
  • The Phobis Devices

1 Organization:
  • Revanites

3 Species:
  • Selkath
  • Duros
  • Chevin


1 Title:
  • Conqueror of Balmorra

1 Lore:
  • The Invasion of Balmorra

2 Species:
  • Gran
  • Colicoid

1 Person of Note:
  • Lieutenant Major Pirrell (Bounty Hunter)


1 Title:
  • Primeval Explorer

1 Lore:
  • History of Tatooine

Nar Shaddaa:

1 Lore:
  • The Spice Business

2 Organizations:
  • The Exchange

1 Species:
  • Gen’Dai


1 Title:
  • Champion of House Thul

2 Persons of Note:
  • Rehanna Rist (Inquisitor)
  • Bouris Ulgo

1 Species:
  • Killik


1 Title:
  • Scorcher of Worlds

1 Lore:
  • Rakghoul Disease (I am quite sure it is not bugged but I just cant find it)


1 Title:
  • Venomous

1 Lore:
  • The Three Families


1 Game Rule:
  • Combat Ratings

1 Ship:
  • X-70B Phantom-class Prototype (Agent)

  • There is a category above all others (Above datacrons) that has an empty tag but can be clicked. I got 4/0 entries in this category:
    invalid entry
    outlaw's den
    Illum landing zone
    and one without any text and title
  • There is no codex identification window popping up after you hit lvl 50