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I believe I recall that this was actually discussed during one of the dev streams a while ago. The reasoning behind there being no Tactical / Veteran version of these two flashpoints is that the design philosophy behind them was radically different from the other flashpoints and that they were deemed too difficult for players in a random group to successfully navigate and complete.

In other words, there's no one who can be bothered to tune them for Tactical use.
Funny, considering that many (the majority I'd say) of the Story Mode Uprisings bosses are impossible to kill if you have 4 DPS without off heals and/or defensive CDs, even if all 4 players are experienced.

It does make my OCD trigger that I can't complete the story mission for the Kaon storyline on many many toons, but that is very far down in the list of SWTOR group finder and group content problems at the moment.
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