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Even the most clever people can find themselves in situations they'd prefer not to be in. Quinn is no force user and he's stuck between two very powerful Sith lords...loyalty to either or neither could be a death sentence. No one is above being outplayed...not even Valkorian/The Emperor in this game. It's your prerogative if you want to keep him or not, but to not see the value in his mind doesn't make sense. He proved himself on more than one occasion as a master strategist. He just happened to be a little too close to his own situation...owing loyalty to one and loving the other...and both are vastly more powerful than he.
Indeed. That's why Nathrrya wouldn't deal the killing blow, even if she could have, she still loved Quinn.

As she said to Obi-Wan "I cried myself to sleep that night because I couldn’t have the man I loved in bed next to me, and I cried more knowing that I would never have him again.”
"Korriban’s a rock, mind the Sith." -Jolee Bindo.