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My Fem SW is rather tired of running around with Pierce. He was a decent one night stand at worst and a muscle bound oaf at best. He had his moment and it passed. From the live stream, it seems that those who want to off Quinn, may get the chance, but my girl, for one is much relieved to have her hubby coming home. I squeeeed for her!

She knows the sith ways, she has played the game and forgave Quinn for being a pawn with no where to go but where his master moves him. It was really a test of his devotion, one he had to go through to finally realize where his loyalty really lies. It, essentially gave him the freedom to feel things he had never allowed himself to feel before. I don't know if he would have ever fully opened up without this.

Just my 2 credits worth, but, my SW is a very happy lady right now, and I am a very happy player.
Well said, Misha. I for one indulged in Pierce only once on a distant alt I don't care that much for...somehow I could never bring myself to do it on the main ones, and will never again on any subsequent SWs. He's not my type, I'm more of a brains over brawn sort...bonus if you get both in one package, but brawn, not essential.

I agree, I think the situation helped Quinn to open up and acknowledge thoughts and feelings he had squirreled away, to the point of repression. His letters to the SW have more than shown that growth in his character. His letter at the start of KotFE broke my heart. I am so very happy he'll be back soon. ^^