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This is because ultimately... when you pick Sith Warrior you are stuck with a Sith Warrior. This is not a game that supports transition from one class to another - though I would wholly support that feature, it's probably so technically daunting and insane that it might just be impossible.

As a Sith Warrior you did Dark things to get to where you are. You submit yourself to the Dark Side. You can relent, and meander, and start to see the error of your ways but all of your abilities, powers, attacks... those are all based on the Dark Side. The fact that you won that fight WAS because of the Dark Side - otherwise all your abilities would have been the Jedi Knight abilities, which are based on the Light Side.

Understand, even though you want a compelling Light Side option in every dialogue, that's just not possible / probable. I think you should be ecstatic that it let you get as far as it did. In fact it's a testament to how many choices you were given that you only really hit one brick wall during a post-fight conversation towards the middle of your character's progression.