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Well forget the technology thing.The Cities of every planet are the same as they are 3000 years later. Take Coruscant for example. The Senate building is like 3000 + years old? The position of the jedi temple is the same as in the movies... I personally think Bioware could have put some more work on the ''3000 years ago'' feeling.

And yes I would be delighted to go to planets before they were settled or actually help with the historical event of that settlement in a quest group much like on Taris (alas a planet unknown in the movies to make comparisons.
Atleast I cant complain about Tatooine. It is as much tatooinish as it would be 10000 years ago. Its a desert after all.
that sort of thing is done purposefully.

its a common tactic in the genre. it lends a sense of epic-ness to the atmosphere. that this thing has existed here since long before you came into the picture, and it will continue to exist long after.

basically, this device is used to convey the impression that you are only a part of the story, not the whole story (albeit an important part of the story)... its designed to invoke feelings similar to what people experience when they visit the Colosseum in Rome, or the pyramids of Egypt.

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I read once that in the old republic double bladed lightsabers and weilding 2 lightsaberss at the same time was frowned upon. So why is just bout everybody using a double blade or weilding two?
jedi frown upon double sabers because its viewed as an aggressive weapon that doesn't exactly fit with their philosophy.

and dual sabers, hell, dual weapons of any kind, are extremely difficult to master, which is why they're pretty uncommon. in the time it takes to become merely proficient with dual wielding, one could usually become an expert in wielding a single weapon.