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12.29.2011 , 08:58 PM | #7
The system was removed because it was not working properly iirc. I know in Beta when I used it, sometimes the gear would come out right in terms of aesthetically pleasing and others it was varying degrees of an eye-sore. Yes, I know there was an option to turn it off and what not, but then you had what we seem to have now. So, I think they took it out to add either depth or revamp it so that it was more than just a static color-palette that was derived from your chest armor. Hopefully this is what they are doing in some small corner of the BW-Austin development offices while the rest of the devs are building, fixing, and testing various aspects of the game.

Maybe it would be cool if they gave each class a series of color choices for gear in which they could choose a predominant color scheme. That way it would match but also create a general trend for what the player feels their character should look like. Any thoughts on that?