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Hi Zarram! You can find the information that is currently available about this topic in our community blog post "Why 'unify color to chest piece' is gone, and what's next." This blog explains more about the feature, and though we don't have a timeframe at this time for what's next, it is definitely a topic we know is important to you!

We recommend checking out all our community blog entries (and checking frequently for updates) for info about important topics like this!
Yah, the problem with that blog post is that it doesn't actually answer the question. It's a beautiful dodge, but it doesn't answer the question.

No timeframe, no hints as to what it may be, no mention of the design direction, nothing.

Basically that entire blog can be cut down to 'Yah that was really popular, so we decided to remove it so you'd have to look at different art! But don't worry, we're hoping to replace it, and if we do, we really hope you like this theoretical new thing even better'.

You guys are Bioware, and I, for one, trust you, but you have to understand, decisions like removing a beloved aspect of the game for no explained reason, with the intention of replacing it sometime in the future with something that may or may not happen that we may or may not even like, really strains that trust.

Put simply, I don't like walking around in Star Wars wearing mismatched WoW style clown armor. I want an explanation why this happened. I do not want to be redirected back to the same elaborately penned non-answer. And I'm fairly certain there are people that agree with me.
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