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When I was reading the novel of Revan and the fic. It gave me a lot of insight and predictions that any is possible with this MMO in general.

Mind you it did give us a clear understanding on why Revan did what he did, its a shame Revan did not get a chance to see Bastila and her son in person but that holocron mentioned in the book was fitting I thought.

There would be a lot of speculation about Revan's fate as the MMO could swing either way. During the beta I've played the Lightside version and the darkside version, both of which are very good however I felt that the lightside version was cut short.

I wonder, do we get a chance on the Republic to raid with Revan in battle? or combination of him having a reunion with Satele Shan possibly and do some quests together. I doubt that it would be likely for it occur but it might work out. On the darkside, hard to say but a battle against Revan and to defeat him would be fun as well.

Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile, I think its quite fitting that she was part of Revan for a long time now but I think she doesn't have much more involvement except her choice to remain with Revan for 300 years might end up two ways, either her accompanying Revan as her guide or become One with the Force. Good character and all, but hard to say at this point.