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I'd recommend getting the books based around the Old Republic, they set up a lot of the events that take place in this game. I've just listened to the audio books The Old Republic: Revan and The Old Republic: Deceived. Revan explains lot's of the gaps in his story around the koToR games and where he went afterwards. Did you see the video called Deceived where Malgus destroys the Jedi temple? Well that's a chapter of the book Deceived and that whole thing and the repercussions are explained, there's a lot of information about Malgus and i'm glad I read it with Malgus being prominent int his game.

I'm just about to start the last one, The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, and i've now idea what its about but cant wait to read it.

If your interested in the lore of this game and wander about the Emperor/Malgus/Revan etc i'd highly recommend going through them. The audio books are great as they're done with music and sound effects, makes the drive to and from work much better :-)