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12.20.2016 , 05:05 PM | #205
Does anyone else use Heroics as a way to warm up before moving through standard mobs? I've been finding myself doing this more since I made up my mind to take at least one alt through the conversion to GC if I ever hope to have my own opinion on how Bioware did. Feels like I'm overpowered when I take on standard mobs after a decent heroic warmup.

I was checking out my list of UNDERachievements (since 98% of them are not achieved) and noticed that I've only played through the first 9 chapters of the KOTFE and KOTET SWTORies. Looks like I have some work to do, and Dannarah will be the one to do it. Fitting, actually, since I started Classic with an honest-to-goodness, gee-whiz full-on light-side Jedi Consular— now I'm going to be starting GC with her polar opposite in most respects, especially philosophically.