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Greetings from Jedi Covenant!

I've read this entire thread, and it's been very rewarding. I was a huge KOTOR 1 & 2 fan, so natch I showed up for BW's KOTOR 3, aka "SWTOR Classic," as a pre-order. I haven't been continually subbed since then because I'm often broke, was without a laptop for a while, etc etc, but I always come back. I played CoH, WoW, Rift, GW2, and a few others over the years, but I always find myself here, clicking on create character, and going back through the original 8 stories.

I played chapters 1-9 of KOTFE on my free 60, and that was fun just to explore, but I missed my companions. I missed the classic experience of my origins mattering. I'm too much of the RPG and not enough of the MMO. I didn't have a guild, I didn't have friends playing. I just wanted to see where it was all going. When I had to wait for chapter 9, I decided not to grind out alliance crates and slaughter star fortresses. I dropped sub, played Dragon Age Inquisition, and faffed around.

Then I heard if I resubbed, I'd get Shae Vizla. Holy crap, Shae Vizla! So I resubbed.

Then it was DvL, and by god, I was gonna get in on that. I only had a couple weeks left in the event, but I jumped in both feet and made a new toon, powered through, and got a few achieves... as well as accepting a random guild invite to a HUGE guild that tops conquest leaderboards. It was interesting, and not something I'd engaged with since the earliest days of SWTOR since my original guild decamped for greener pastures six months in. It wasn't the best fit, but it was intriguing. I liked feeling like there were other people out there doing things in the galaxy, even if I wasn't gonna participate in any grouped events with them.

That was pub side, and I had never finished the Sith Warrior storyline. It was the last remaining before I'd get legendary status. I dove in, decided to see how it played out.... I'd never played DPS before but I went Marauder. On Dromund Kaas, I saw someone advertising for a "casual-friendly" guild, and I joined it.

Weirdly, this is the first time in years I've felt like I want to do anything grouped. I really like my guild. I like PVPing for conquest, even though I'm terribad at it. I like running random FPs with my guildies--who are willing to teach and explain mechanics. I actually saved us all from a wipe as the last player standing--and I DPSed down the final trash to end the combat and rezzed my guildmaster to raucous cheers from the group. It was the most amazing I've ever felt in this game, and it happened because I was with guildies. Friend is too personal a word for what they are to me, but we are a team.

Funny how I didn't find that until I played a Dark V Sith Marauder.

I've taken my time on this toon to play through all the stories I want, and I've reached the point where I'm about to jump into KOTFE and KOTET. I'm already a 70, have been for a while. So I'm grinding out the CXP (been legacy 50 for a while, so that's ALL I'm getting anymore) and I figure, why not?

But I'll admit, I married my sweet little sassbucket Vette, and I wouldn't play SWTOR GC without a guildie spoiling me a little by telling me I get her back. I get too attached. What good is being the Outlander (like everyone else in my guild) if I can't finally find out what Vette thinks about my side piece Lana? If there're no consequences for my actions, it's no longer an RPG.

I know EA doesn't care like BW did before they were assimilated. That's been my biggest disappointment. I've lost hope that, with the voice actors' strike etc, we'll ever get expansions that bring back that KOTOR 3 flavored magic.

Doesn't mean I won't sub, and play, and enjoy events. Doesn't mean it's not worth playing alone or with friends, or doing conquest, or joining a guild. Just means I won't rush to end game, because I don't think what's coming is gonna be appreciably better than what's already here.

Now that was a ramble. Guess I just wanted to put it out there, my experience, and share it with folks who seem sympathetic to that playstyle.

It's been a real pleasure to meet y'all. Sometimes the toxic noise drowns out the beautiful harmonies in this place, but y'all are singing my song.
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