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12.29.2011 , 07:48 PM | #27
Just my 2 cents after doing the okara droid factory heroic chain with 3 other players (full group), 2 being 22 and other 2 16. i find that this chain at least should be fixed on some or all the points below:
- respawn rate is absurdely high for an area that (1) forces u to go back and forth between objectives and (2) has champion level mobs that take forever to kill
- one of the most dificult and longest heroics ive played so far and there is no story line whatsoever isnt this a story driven mmo? u just dont understand what u're doing and why u are doing it
- datacron is there for the picking but its easy for u to fall. Once u do, u are forced to navigate between tons of elite trash mobs. What is the group that has the patience to allow for all players to get the datacron acounting for errors? luckily mine was ...

U can of course bring down my comment all you want but the truth of the matter is: when I play my alt bounty hunter, i'll simply skip this quest line. That alone tells me that it should get adjusted somehow.