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I have yet to even try an Op, don't think I can handle it lol, I barely even do fp's!
It's been a while since I visited a Flashpoint; is that where you get the superpower robot companion to act as two or three additional companions all rolled into the big guy for... storymode, right? Hmm, something to go back and check out, maybe this weekend when I have more time to commit to a session with my alts.

Or design a new one like ChristienB does, and go completely creative like that. I tend to be more serious or formal with my namings, and never considered just going off-the-wall.

Hey, do any of you come into the character creation of your alts with a pretty good idea of how that character will be (not counting the nuances their choices will season that idea with, though) by the time you start pulling them out of the feature options? Or, do you wait to see what comes out of your character creation?

I'll go first and say that I only start with wanting to play a class. Then, I go through the usual basics. Empire or Republic? Choose your class and species. Then, male or female. After that, I start with everything set to 1 and I build from there. I'll spend a significant amount of time here, because if everything works out, I'm going to be spending the rest of the progression with them, let's be honest.

A huge influence for me, personally, is the voice snippets as you turn the head for different angles. By the time I'm done, the features and look of the alt have to complement the voice that will be going with that alt for the rest of the adventure.

And kudos to SWTOR's voice-acting, right? There's no disputing that they spent a lot of money designing Classic. Phenomenal stuff, and the most immersive that I've encountered across the online games that I've played: WOW, Matrix Online, and Black Desert. It has made it impossible for me to go back to WOW, and Black Desert just didn't appeal to me.

Did any of you ever play Matrix Online? That studio used to have these Live Events where the developers would come into the world as major characters in various massive battles or something. Great stuff, if you remember.

But SWTOR's stole this casual's heart and I plan on seeing you here five years from now if the opportunity is here.

Not a signing off. Just me shuttin' up so someone else can get a word or two in edge-wise.