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Sure, we all know the destination. We've played the game enough times, even those who remain in Classic.

But isn't it about the journey? Who hasn't re-read a great book? And every time, we find nuances to enjoy things which we missed before, right?
^ This right here! This is exactly the way I feel about SWTOR, over all. However, even better than a beloved great book, going back and cracking open one of the class stories, and starting at level one, creates NEW stories, not just rereading the same old. Each play through, each "rereading," if you will, is a new story all its own if you take different choices to see what you missed the other times, taking you to sometimes unexpected and magical places.

Endgame is a world of its own. When I get in the mood for it, I'll seek out a guild of casual-friendly people, and partake in it for a bit. However, it never holds my full attention the way the initial 8 class stories do, and will. With that said, endgame will never be my complete focus in SWTOR. It's finite to me, fewer options for exploring, and always the same story. That doesn't make it BAD, it just makes it something I take in smaller doses than others.

And, here I go blathering on again too. LOL
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