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I picked that up on my first DvL toon at lvl 12 or whatever when I first got to the fleet. She's at 70 now, it's still in my tracker and it's still red. I think the PvP missions might be red now. I noticed the mission icon at the terminals changed a while back, and it's a slightly different shade of red than the difficult missions.

I wouldn't worry about the anxiety meds. I know the feeling, but there's level brackets to unranked PvP. I think it's 10-30, 31-64 and 65+, or something like that. They call it lowbies, mids, and endgame. If you're in there at level 10, you won't be playing against 65's.

That said, you'll still probably get whipped, so accept that as part of the game. As long as you play objectives and TRY, most players won't get too aggravated with you. There will be the occasional salty remark, but those people aren't as good as they think they are and like to blame everyone else for their failures. And on Shadowlands you don't really get a lot of that kind of player.... unlike some other *coughharbycough* servers
Sure, try to make it sound sooooo simple, lol!

I'm mostly concerned about how long it'll take to shake off the deer-in-the-headlights I can totally see myself modelling in there in the front of ... how many fellow imps or pubs?

But total props to the playerbase that enjoys those parts of SWTOR, you know? I can understand their wanting more Operations and faster queues, too.

May I ask what class you (or any of my kindred solos) would recommend for this old-timer first-timer to PVP?