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12.11.2016 , 04:15 AM | #60
Thank you for this post, it's very welcomed since the mess with 5.0.

Also a casual player, but from the Progenitor. Since i've played several mmo's i tend to dabble a bit in groups and pvp, but never with a melee character, boy am i bad with those, too many buttons to click. SWTOR has what i always found lacking in most mmo's, a damn good story, and the 8 class stories from the classic are the icing on the cake, it saddens me to see such great replayability getting progressively ruined as the game goes by, but my response to that is alting and going through classic swtor every once in a while. Never did a full dark character tho, some options are just a bit too dark for me and i end up getting more light than dark, so i jut decide what my charater believes in as i start it and keep to it.

Did one ops (but can't even remember wich one), wasn't bad but too messy for me, did all flahspoints for the dvl thingy and i do pop in a tactical one sometimes just for a change of pace. Did quite a bit of pvp when the pvp gear was actually good looking (for me at least), not many victories tho and as long it's not an arena i can actually try to help.

Again thank you for this lighthearted post, it's good to know about more solo players having fun playing the game