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I don't do well with melee and am far better on a ranged class. I think my least fav for that reason are the SW and JK classes.
I have been in awe of people who can do the ranged. Sometimes you'll see me just standing at a particular hot spot just watching someone in the area and how they run the area with their character. Too, whenever I see someone who's getting drop-kicked by NPCs and clearly out of their depth, I'll run in to help take the focus off them enough to keep them alive.

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I do LOVE my stealthies too.
I was hooked when I played the first time in a class that came with stealth. I thought, Where has this been all my life?! lol

Makes content so much easier to flow through when you really don't feel like bothering with mobs. The downside is that you better have an alternative source for credits.

If I was a better clicker or maybe took the time to set up my keyboard commands, I could be a better ranged player. But there's just something about that leap into battle, sabers at-the-ready.