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I have been playing for a little wile now and got 2 toons a lvl 17 Sith Juggernaut just about to leave Dromund Kaas. This toon got Vette as a companion she got 1432 affection and is still wearing the shock collar. So far i have only had the starter conversation with her that you get when leaving the starter planet.

My other toon is a lvl 23 Jedi Guardian he has just arrived at Hutta after finishing the Taris quests. I got T7-01 1352 affection and Kira Carsen with 1779 affection on this toon.
Now with T7-01 i have had 2 conversations so that seems to be working. But with Kira Carsen i got 0.

Now i have tried going both to a Cantina and to my ship to see if a conversation activates. Nothing happens. Is there something els i most do ? Maybe i`m missing some silly little thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i play this game mainly for the story and missing the companion quests/conversations is really frustrating

Thanks for taking the time to read my post