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Have any of you solo players run in Galactic Starfighter's missions? I actually haven't. I've done the very first of the space missions that we access aboard our ship, and I'll admit that on my three-monitor setup, it was immersive! I never did more than those two, though, so I'm not sure how the rest compare.

Oh, someone mentioned immersion as part of their SWTOR experience, and I'm with them.

Tossing out there one long-awaited treat: If I could get anything, it'd be day and night cycles on the various planets. I enjoyed that element in my WOW days, for sure. Improved environmental conditions would be nice in this same regard, actually. Rain, snow, that sort of thing wouldn't go unappreciated by me.

But to get around on some of those planets after nightfall? That'd be great!
To me, Starfighter is the most and least appealing of all gameplay. Most because I love the old space shooter games (X-wing, TIE Fighter, Wing Commander etc. ) but least because it's the most frustratingly difficult. I call it the Exploding Simulator because that's all I seem to do. But I've queued for it several times. The other night I just hit 70 and startyed GC, and it was the bonus activity for the day, so I queued up a few matches. I actually got a kill!
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