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Archeology (I think, it could be Treasure hunting), has a mid-level mission about scavenging the remains of Master Mical's library. It both made me smile and kinda answers your question.
BioWare have stated that the events of KotOR 2 take place behind the scenes to most everyone at the time, not to mention 300 years later. While true, it makes 0 sense that the jedi would simply not record this period of their time, because if the ending of the game is to be believed, it was your party members who rebuilt the order, thus they should know almost everything that transpired.

Personally, I think they just didn't want to mess with the "black sheep" of the franchise, as KotOR 2 is more of a deconstruction of Star Wars, and not your classic hero tale that's been told over and over in the movies, other games, books and comics.
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