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I realize I'm at risk of posting something already being discussed, but I couldn't find a search option.

I realize the sith lords had many flaws, mainly because it was rushed, but you usually had no idea what was going on in the story and at the end because many important conversations were left out, and they weren't aloud to go back and patch it to restore their cut content...which is a terrible shame, but it looks like it's existence is being IGNORED. I can't stand that, it ruins games and books for me when plots are counted as not existing. In expanded universe, everything I've read is that they consider the cannon Exile character to be a "heroine." She saved the Jedi and followed Revan into the unknown to fight this evil sith emperor that we all now have some knowledge of because of this current game. We had No idea at the time. She should be included in the archives though, their story isn't even in the timeline. No mention of the mass shadow generator, no mention of the exile, or the Sith Lords she defeated. There is No mention of WHO rebuilt the Jedi order as at the end of that game, the only remaining was Bastilla who was in hiding, probably considered Canon that Atris survied, and the jedi Exile. She also has followers who become Jedi whom she could have rebuilt the order with. I have to have my closure. Who rebuilt the Jedi Order? How does that place where we are now, now that their is suddenly hundreds of flourishing jedi around again who seemingly keep to the code of the council that was destroyed directly after the jedi civil war vs darth Malak by Darth Nihilius. Why are their miraluka? They were all killed as well save for Visas Mar.